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The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-political effort to declare that global warming is here now and it’s time to act.
This is a movement about change, as individuals, as a country, and as a global community.


Coffee catastrophe beckons as climate change threatens arabica plant

Cultivation of the arabica coffee plant, staple of daily caffeine fixes and economic lifeline for millions of small farmers, is under threat from climate change [...]

Sam Jones (The Guardian | May 1, 2015)

Vatican, U.N. join forces against climate change

Top officials from the Vatican, the head of the United Nations and leading scientists came together at a summit Tuesday in Vatican City to label [...]

Doyle Rice (USA Today | April 29, 2015)

Extreme weather already on increase, study finds

Extreme heatwaves and heavy rain storms are already happening with increasing regularity worldwide because of manmade climate change, according to new research.
Global warming over the [...]

Karl Mathiesen (The Guardian | April 27, 2015)

Women will suffer the worst effects of climate change

Environmental researchers have made it clear that climate change will affect the world’s poorest more severely, and more imminently, than those of us in the [...]

Sarah Milner-Barry (Quartz | April 23, 2015)

Obama team talks climate change during Earth Day week

President Obama and his team are marking Wednesday’s Earth Day with a week-long promotion of their climate change policies.
“This Earth Day, we’re far beyond a [...]

David Jackson (USA Today | April 20, 2015)

Obama’s policy appears to survive early court challenge

President Obama’s ambitious plan to battle climate change by forcing power plants to reduce their greenhouse gases appeared to survive its first court challenge Thursday, [...]

David Savage (Los Angeles Times | April 17, 2015)

Vatican Announces Major Summit On Climate Change

Catholic officials announced on Tuesday plans for a landmark climate change-themed conference to be hosted at the Vatican later this month, the latest in Pope [...]

Jack Jenkins (Climate Progress | April 15, 2015)

Thousands March In Canada To Call For Action

Thousands of Canadians took to the streets of Quebec City, Quebec on Saturday to call on their country to curb tar sands growth take action [...]

Katie Valentine (Climate Progress | April 13, 2015)

Wisconsin also stifles ‘climate change’ talk

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) recently generated national headlines after officials at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection claimed they were ordered not to use [...]

Steve Benen (MSNBC | April 9, 2015)

Rand Paul is no moderate on climate change

Journalists love a counterintuitive story, like when a Democrat criticizes unions or a Republican endorses gay marriage. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), with his idiosyncratic libertarianism, [...]

Ben Adler (Grist | April 8, 2015)