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Global Warming Rallies Across US on 11/03

By ( - January 31, 2007

>Step It Up will organize a national event on November 3, 2007 to call for leadership on global warming. The event will build on Step It Up’s April 14 rally that produced more than 1,400 events in 50 states, the largest global warming event in U.S. history.

The events across the country—held one year before the 2008 election— will show the contrast between the intense concern of ordinary Americans and the leadership vacuum in Washington. At some of the rallies, people will dip an index finger in green ink, to express their demand that our leaders take climate change seriously.

“November 3 represents a new move towards political accountability,” said author and Step It Up spokesperson Bill McKibben. “So far it’s been enough for politicians to say: I care. Now, one year out from a pivotal global warming election, it’s time to see who’s going to lead.”

The November 3 rallies will be organized using the same decentralized Web 2.0 approach by a core team of committed youth in New Hampshire and hundreds of independent organizers across the country.

“We unlocked a pressure cooker of public concern for global warming in April by simply calling for local action,” said Step It Up co-coordinator May Boeve. “The enormous participation across the country, by people from all walks of life, should be a wake-up call to politicians.”

While Step It Up rallies issue a call for action from local communities, thousands of youth will gather at the University of Maryland at College Park, calling for change at the November 2-5 Powershift 2007 conference.

Participants in rallies will call for real leadership on global warming including the 1 Sky priorities: (1) no new coal plants, (2) 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, and (3) 5 million new green jobs.

“Americans are demanding real solutions that will reduce carbon emissions and stop global warming before it is too late,” said Step It Up co-coordinator Jamie Henn. “Many events will occur in historic places such as the Lincoln Memorial or on Paul Revere’s route to symbolize the need for politicians to provide leadership on global warming.”

“From melting ice caps to erratic weather, we already see the impact of global warming,” McKibben added. “But while global warming presents our most pressing challenge, it also presents our most inspiring opportunity. As the first Step It Up event showed, Americans will unite across partisan, racial, economic and religious lines to pressure leaders to solve this crisis.”

**All Step It Up events are non-partisan. All candidates are invited to attend and address a diverse array of issues.

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