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Governor Freudenthal calls for action on global warming

By AP (Associated Press) - January 1, 2007

Governor Dave Freudenthal says that the United States has to get serious about global warming and launch a massive research and development effort to address the problem.

Freudenthal notes that Wyoming has an abundance of both carbon-based and renewable energy sources. He says the state is the perfect place to launch the program.

Speaking at an energy summit sponsored by the University of Wyoming this week, Freudenthal estimates it would take about $11 billion a year to fund a program. He says it needs to research, develop and market technologies to allow carbon produced from energy production to be captured and stored underground.

He says the country needs to make the same commitment to energy research that it made in putting a man on the moon.

But the governor has blame for both political parties. He says that neither party is willing to commit to a realistic plan to deal with global warming.

Freudenthal says that neither political party wants to admit that dealing with the problem of global warming will require changes in lifestyle and changes in the cost of energy.