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Jerry Brown sets sights on climate-change ‘deniers’

By Staff (Los Angeles Times) - August 13, 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown often rails against the “declinists” in California, those who argue the state’s best years are behind it. Now, Brown is turning his ire to climate-change “deniers” in a new government-sponsored Web page announced by Brown’s office Monday.

While the governor is in Lake Tahoe for an annual interstate summit, his office unveiled a new Web page: “Climate change: Just the facts.” The text on the page has the ring of Brown himself in its spirited defense of science and harsh critique for those who deny the impacts of global climate change.

“Many of the deniers share some traits,” the website states. “Many have little or no expertise in climate science. While some have some science background, their training often is unrelated to climate science and they have not published ‘peer-reviewed’ scientific work in climate or atmospheric science.”

The page comes complete with footnotes and graphs, citing such sources as European health journals and tobacco documents from the 1960s.

“After decades of pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, humanity is getting dangerously close to the point of no return,” Brown said in a statement. “Those who still deny global warming’s existence should wake up and honestly face the facts.”