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The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-political effort to declare that global warming is here now and it’s time to act.
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Whole Foods Chain to Stop Use of Plastic Bags

The Whole Foods Market chain said Tuesday that it would stop offering plastic grocery bags, giving customers instead a choice between recycled paper or reusable [...]

Andrew Martin (The New York Times | January 23, 2008)

Japan follows Europe by tapping offshore wind for power

Overlooking a mountain lake a few hours drive from Tokyo, dozens of tall wind turbines spin in the breeze creating carbon-free power for the world’s [...]

Risa Maeda (Reuters | January 20, 2008)

Lifestyle changes can curb climate change: IPCC chief

Don’t eat meat, ride a bike, and be a frugal shopper — that’s how you can help brake global warming, the head of the United [...]

Marlowe Hood (Agence France Press | January 18, 2008)

Montana high school cancels climate speech

A climate scientist’s speech to high school students was canceled because members of the rural community were concerned the Nobel Peace Prize laureate’s message on [...]

Matthew Brown (Associated Press | January 17, 2008)

Texas Is Biggest Carbon Polluter

Everything’s big in Texas — big pickup trucks, big SUVs and the state’s big carbon footprint, too.
Texans’ fondness for large, manly vehicles has helped make [...]

April Castro (Associated Press | January 16, 2008)

Escalating Ice Loss Found in Antarctica

Climatic changes appear to be destabilizing vast ice sheets of western Antarctica that had previously seemed relatively protected from global warming, researchers reported yesterday, raising [...]

Marc Kaufman (The Washington Post | January 14, 2008)

City Council Passes Bill for Recycling of Plastic Bags

The stash under the sink grows inexorably: bags from Duane Reade and D’Agostino, bags from Home Depot and the health food store. Wadded up, stuffed [...]

Anne Barnard (The New York Times | January 1, 2008)

In Greenland, Ice and Instability

The ancient frozen dome cloaking Greenland is so vast that pilots have crashed into what they thought was a cloud bank spanning the horizon. Flying [...]

Andrew C. Revkin (The New York Times | January 1, 2008)

Groups to sue for polar bear protection

Three conservation groups notified the federal government Wednesday they intend to sue to get polar bears listed as a threatened species due to global warming.
The [...]

Dan Joling (Associated Press | January 1, 2008)

Most polar bears could be gone by 2050

Two-thirds of the world’s current polar bear population could be gone by midcentury if predictions of melting sea ice hold true, the U.S. Geological Survey [...]

Reuters (Reuters | September 7, 2007)