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The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-political effort to declare that global warming is here now and it’s time to act.
This is a movement about change, as individuals, as a country, and as a global community.


Senate panel OKs global warming bill

Democrats turned back repeated efforts by Republican senators to soften the economic impact of a global warming bill before advancing it out of a Senate [...]

H. Josef Hebert (Associated Press | December 5, 2007)

The People We Have Been Waiting For

It was 60 degrees on Thursday in Washington, well above normal, and as I slipped away for some pre-Christmas golf, I found myself thinking about [...]

Thomas L. Friedman (The New York Times | December 5, 2007)

Bali climate talks advance despite squabbling

A 190-nation climate meeting in Bali took small steps towards a new global deal to fight global warming by 2009 on Tuesday amid disputes about [...]

Gerard Wynn (Reuters | December 4, 2007)

2007 a year of weather records in U.S.

When the calendar turned to 2007, the heat went on and the weather just got weirder. January was the warmest first month on record worldwide [...]

Seth Borenstein (Associated Press | December 30, 2007)

Global warming to alter Calif. landscape

California is defined by its scenery, from the mountains that enchanted John Muir to the wine country and beaches that define its culture around the [...]

Noaki Schwartz (Associated Press | December 30, 2007)

Australian PM ratifies Kyoto Protocol

Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd became Australia’s 26th prime minister Monday and immediately began dismantling the former government’s policies by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol on [...]

Madeleine Coorey (Agence France Press | December 3, 2007)

UN kicks off Bali climate conference

Faced with melting polar ice caps and worsening droughts, climate experts at a massive U.N. conference Monday urged quick action toward a new international pact [...]

Joseph Coleman (Associated Press | December 3, 2007)

Japan urges China to sway global issues

Japan urged China to use its growing influence to make an impact on key global issues such as climate change during summit talks Friday that [...]

Anita Chang (Associated Press | December 28, 2007)

Natural catastrophes will grow with climate change: re-insurer

Natural catastrophes in 2007 were more frequent and costlier than a year earlier and climate change will make them more expensive still, the world’s second-biggest [...]

AFP (Agence France Press | December 28, 2007)

Cheney accused of blocking Californian bid to cut car fumes

The US vice-president, Dick Cheney, was behind a controversial decision to block California’s attempt to impose tough emission limits on car manufacturers, according to insiders [...]

Dan Glaister (the Guardian | December 27, 2007)