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The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-political effort to declare that global warming is here now and it’s time to act.
This is a movement about change, as individuals, as a country, and as a global community.


Hundreds of seal pups drown in Canada storm surge

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Around 1,500 seal pups were swept out to sea and
drowned by a tidal surge off Canada’s east coast this week after a [...]

David Ljunggren (Reuters | February 3, 2006)

Owning up to global warming

It’s time for Americans to face reality about climate change.
Monterrey, Calif. (FORTUNE) – How can anyone living through today’s bizarre and mutable weather not be [...]

David Kirkpatrick (Fortune Magazine | February 27, 2006)

The Globe Is Warming. Why Aren’t We Marching?

To the Editor:
Re “Glaciers Flow to Sea at a Faster Pace, Study Says” (news article, Feb.
17): The world we have known is history. A mere [...]

James Gustave Speth (The New York Times | February 24, 2006)

Combating global warming makes economic sense

When it comes to tackling global warming, the Bush administration is right about one thing: There are economic consequences. The problem is they’ve been too [...]

Hal Harvey (San Francisco Chronicle | February 21, 2006)

Global Warming Comes to the Breakfast Table

After the warmest January on record, maple syrup producers in Ohio were surprised to have recently discovered premature maple tree buds. Budding of maples at [...]

Laurie David (Huffington Post | February 17, 2006)

Glacier Melt Could Signal Faster Rise in Ocean Levels

Greenland’s glaciers are melting into the sea twice as fast as previously believed, the result of a warming trend that renders obsolete predictions of how [...]

Shankar Vedantam (The Washington Post | February 17, 2006)

Climate change: On the edge

Greenland ice cap breaking up at twice the rate it was five years ago, says scientist Bush tried to gag
A satellite study of the Greenland [...]

Jim Hansen (The Independent | February 17, 2006)


Melting Ice is Fast Eroding Animals’ Habitat, Hunting Grounds
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced that it is opening the formal process to list [...]

(The New York Times | February 1, 2006)

Boston Plans to Go ‘Green’ on Large Building Projects

Boston plans to amend its building code to require that all large-scale private construction be “green.”
Under the new regulations, all private construction of at least [...]

Katie Zezima (The New York Times | December 20, 2006)

Penguins Offer Evidence of Global Warming

MCMURDO STATION, Antarctica – The first Adelie penguin chicks of the season — black fluffballs small enough to hold in the hand — started hatching [...]

Deborah Zabarenko (Reuters | December 18, 2006)