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The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-political effort to declare that global warming is here now and it’s time to act.
This is a movement about change, as individuals, as a country, and as a global community.


Climate change will shift marine predators’ habitat, study says

The top ocean predators in the North Pacific could lose as much as 35 percent of their habitat by the end of the century as [...]

Juliet Eilperin (The Washington Post | September 24, 2012)

Climate change growing threat to food, biodiversity – officials

Climate change is a major threat to the world’s food supply and to biodiversity, and prompt action to deal with it is crucial, environmental experts [...]

Amantha Perera (Reuters | September 24, 2012)

Climate Change: Campaign Fails To Highlight Severity Of Issue

The issue:
People love to talk about the weather, especially when it’s strange like the mercifully ended summer of 2012. This year the nation’s weather has [...]

Seth Borenstein (Associated Press | September 24, 2012)

Time for the GOP to Get Serious About Climate Change

Mitt Romney’s remarks on NBC’s Meet the Press earlier this month rankled environmental activists hoping for a bipartisan approach to climate change. “I’m not [...]

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross (The Atlantic | September 17, 2012)

America Is Only Nation Where Climate Scientists Face Organized Harassment

The harassment faced by U.S.-based climate scientists has been well documented in the media—but not the harassment of scientists in Europe, Canada or the rest [...]

Katherine Bagley (Inside Climate | September 12, 2012)

Obama Counterpunches on Climate Change

Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, took a not-too-subtle jab at President Obama in his convention speech last week, mocking Mr. Obama’s soaring 2008 campaign [...]

John M. Broder (New York Times | September 7, 2012)

Climate change: why it could be a hot topic on the campaign trail

Like Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter saga, climate change has been the issue “that shall not be named” – mostly a political no-show in [...]

Mark Clayton (The Christian Science Monitor | September 7, 2012)

Climate Change Threat To World’s Poor Is Underestimated, Oxfam Says

Climate change may pose a much more serious threat to the world’s poor than existing research has suggested because of spikes in food prices as [...]

Nigel Hunt (Reuters | September 5, 2012)

Storms, drought overshadow UN climate talks

World climate change negotiators faced warnings Thursday that a string of extreme weather events around the globe show urgent action on emission cuts is needed [...]

Apilaporn Vechaki (AFP | August 30, 2012)

Billions of Tons of Methane Lurk Beneath Antarctic Ice

Microbes possibly feeding on the remains of an ancient forest may be generating billions of tons of methane deep beneath Antarctic ice, a new [...]

Tia Ghose (LiveScience | August 30, 2012)