Join the 1,467,308 supporters of the Stop Global Warming Virtual March, and become part of the movement to demand our leaders freeze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions now. We are all contributors to global warming and we all need to be part of the solution.

The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-political effort to declare that global warming is here now and it’s time to act.
This is a movement about change, as individuals, as a country, and as a global community.


We feel a responsibility to provoke further awareness in those that are concerned with the welfare of our planet and to bring awareness to those that aren’t yet aware they should be concerned. As we enter the 21st century, one of society’s most pressing concerns is the impact of solid waste on the planet. Reducing waste is a potent strategy for reducing greenhouse gases because it can: 1) Reduce emissions from energy consumption 2) Reduce emissions from incinerators 3) Reduce methane emissions from landfills and 4) Increase the storage of carbon in forests. Our struggle for sustainability becomes increasingly difficult as global population exceeds 6 billion but we are dedicated to preserving the environment for future generations to come. Biocorp has developed a full range of biodegradable and compostable products that enable organic materials such as grass, leaves, and food scraps to be diverted from landfills and incinerators.