Join the 1,466,136 supporters of the Stop Global Warming Virtual March, and become part of the movement to demand our leaders freeze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions now. We are all contributors to global warming and we all need to be part of the solution.

The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-political effort to declare that global warming is here now and it’s time to act.
This is a movement about change, as individuals, as a country, and as a global community.

Earth Share

Earth Share is the nation’s foremost federation of the country’s leading environmental and conservation organizations. Our mission is to support our vital member groups through the generosity of American employees via workplace giving fundraising. Earth Share is also a non-partisan organization that recognizes the importance of promoting awareness about urgent environmental issues such as global warming, to help protect our health, well-being, and the future of our natural heritage.>

Global warming is a scientifically substantiated fact, and more people need to be aware of the very real threat it poses to our environment right now. Our most trusted minds – including climatologists, political leaders, ecologists, economists and a majority of the most respected independent scientists in the world – agree that global warming is the most important issue that we now face. Climate change affects all of us, and all of us need to act together to address this problem.

Earth Share has promoted environmental awareness for more than a decade through its public service advertising campaign; now we’re joining to send a unified message that will ask for a commitment from our country’s leaders to make this urgent problem a priority. We hope you’ll join us, too.

Thank you,
Kalman Stein
President and CEO
Earth Share