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Wine and Dine Radio

Many, not all, Wines owe their ‘er’ to where they grow up and how they are
raised (who are their genetic parents, etc.). A New Yorker is distinctly
different from a Clevelander by way of both nature and nurture. Can you
imagine a Chablis without its enamel-eroding natural acidity? A Sancerre
without it’s minerality or a Chianti Classico Riserva without it’s violet
perfumed sweet earthiness? More than just a handful of wine professionals
have been predicting the effects of Global Warming over the past 15 years
plus. Many, not all, Grapes grown for wine production are defined by their
terroir… their provenance expressed through the sensory perception of
wine. The concept of terroir is influenced by both nature and nurture…
with bold significance placed on Nature: the climate below ground, at the
vine’s surface, above the vineyard and beyond, the soil profile, the
drainage, the elevation, the angle of sun exposure, the fertility/vigor of
the soil… and on and on.

With each passing year, the effects of a warmer northern hemisphere are made
more tangible in my life, regardless of where I’m living: milder and milder
winters; fewer snowstorms; below freezing temperatures for shorter periods
of time; more insects; more pollen; less maple syrup flowing; confused
spring blooming trees; more fall hurricanes; more frequent flooding;
sustained periods of drought or extreme heat where previously there were
none. Seasonal weather patterns punctuated by the calendar are less
predictable. It’s sad. My son is not growing up with the same climatic
expectations that my generation so took for granted. I am a person of
science and logic. I look forward to the day when there is greater
distinction and less transparency separating emotional, political, and
financial motivations clouding Global Warming–unfiltered fact versus
fiction that will more clearly communicate to a wider audience.

lynn krielow chamberlain